February 7, 2015

Red Fox Ranch....

There it is!

This Ranch was my biggest challenge ever! It's a huge lot (64x64) and CC heavy! Please make sure to add the packages files into your folder to make the house look like these pictures.

It's a great place for big families and horses. This lot has two paddocks, a wintergarden, a library, a barn and a guest house.

Please don't be surprised becuase I left the guest house and one bedroom at the first floor unfirnished. It's up to you players to fill those rooms with creativity :D

Hope u enjoy it!

Mutzli Mutz♥


Bedroom:        3
Livingroom:     2
Kitchen:          1
Bathroom:       2
Hall:                yes
Veranda:          yes
Laundry:          yes
Wintergarden:  yes
Guest house:    1
Barn:               1
Paddock:          2
Library:            yes

Price: 225.507 $



  1. I'm in love with your projects, they are sooo beautiful, and the one impressed me!

  2. my launcher tries to download it but the sims 3 downloader always stops responding after awhile.